Few Things We Can Do For You!

WiFi HotSpots - Wireless Networks

We can install and configure your existed or new wireless network, or wifi hotspot for your guests.
Suits for any bussiness like bars,restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or any public or private place. Get know of a Hotspot system advantages and make your guests more welcomed.
Connect your offices to a second building using wireless technology, fast and secure!

Network Solutions

New company in the market though but non stop studying and growning every day we can provide tips and solutions for your home or bussiness. Using the best products on the market and listening to customers needs the result is only success!

Satellite Services

We are in place that we can provide professional TV solutions for hotels, apartments, villas or houses. Main Satellite systems for 24/7 running around the season. All the latest and best branks in the market in your place for stable service. For bigger installations like hotels we can give you the most efficient solution for your guest. Send us a quote for more info.

Security Systems - CCTV

These days home and safety is one of the most importand matters. With the technology improving every day even in friendly cost we can lay back and relax easier. DoIT Solutions is the one that can show you the way that how you can get that technology to your life and how that works for your safety, by choosing the latest Security and Surveillance Systems to do that job for you. DoIT Solutions is Licenced by the Greek Goverment as a professional installer.

Streaming Services

We tested it, is working and is waiting for you!
Now, you can stream LIVE your event on your own YouTube channel
. Events like, live bands, festivals, Horizon Vies (Sunset, Sunrise, Beach Side), Webinars, churches, school events, etc.
You don't have to buy the equipment yourslef. We have the equipment ready for you. You can rent depents on your needs (2MP or 4MP resolution) the equipment, only important thing is, it needs stable internet connection (minimum 2Mbps Upload Speed), and a youtube channel (can be created from us if there isn't any). For more than one live camera on same streaming can be done. Example of 2MP resolution you can find here Arillas View Test Streaming.

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